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Staging Consultation

  • $225 up to 2hr Consulting $95 per additional hour

Are you ready to professionally prepare your home to sell. Staging your home will rise your home above the others. As buyers come into your house, you want them to feel like they are simply coming home. You can set that stage by giving every room purpose, uncluttered closets, organization and make every room shine bright.

Schedule a consultation today to help get your home sold tomorrow.

Curb Appeal

  • $115 per hour


The front door is where every home buyer starts. The decision to walk through the front door weighs very heavily on the attractiveness of that door. It also relies on the plants, and the path leading to that door. Curb Appeal is a very important step to allow the buyers to feel welcomed into their new home.

Stage to Dwell

  • $225 up to 2hr Consulting $95 per additional hour

    Whether you are staging where you are, or moving to a new home, there are a lot of decisions to make.
    Second Look Staging can make your abode, new or old, warm and inviting, and do the planning for you. Picking the perfect flow of a room, or give purpose to a cozy nook.

Room Therapy

  • $225 up to 2hr Consulting  $95 per additional hour

Room therapy is the next step to prepare your home for sale. After a Staging Consultation, room therapy can take place. This is when Audra, your Second Look Staging consultant will bring purpose to each room, and make the best use of space in your home. We will rearrange and repurpose items in your home, adding or removing to each room making an inviting space to make your buyers feel as though they are already home. 

In some cases, new decor, bedding and pillows may be purchased to complete the staging process.

Organization Consultation

  • $225 up to 2hr Consulting $95 per additional hour

A Second Look Staging consultant will walk through the house with the homeowner and set forth an organization plan. From closets, to baby room, garage and all. Organization will make your space calming and stress free.

Expert Color Consulting

  • $115 per hour

    Choosing paint colors to sell your home can be tricky. We will take the time to find the right, trendy, conservative or inspiring wall colors to get your home sold fast.

Vacant Staging

and Application

  • $Quoted per home to
    fit your space.


Second Look Staging will asses the space/spaces needed to be staged with furniture, plants, and all the finishing touches in the Staging Consultation process. Then we will compile a written quote with said products, as well as the Stagers time for application. We will hand pick inventory for your needs. Quote will include monthly rental, delivery as well as pickup.


Audra, your consultant will set the stage with perfect furniture and accessories to get your home sold fast!


  • $300 up to 2hr
    $115 per additional hour


Let your home shine, not clutter and boxes. Schedule an appointment so you can get organized so your house can be what your potential buyers see. Organization large or small can make all the difference

in getting sold.

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